Robin Roberts in J. Crew Collection at The Heart Truth's Red Dress Collection 2010

Growing up I watched a lot of TV, and would always enjoy recreating TV shows in my bedroom. I would pretend to be various celebrity personalities ranging from Spongebob to Hannah Montana. Aside from my scheduled children programs, I really enjoyed watching Good Morning America before school with my mom.

Good Morning America oddly fascinated me to be an eight-year-old and was quickly added to my daily TV recreations. Robin Roberts (as pictured to the left in J. Crew Collection at The Heart Truth’s Red Dress Collection 2010; Source: Wikimedia Commons) was my favorite news anchor, mainly because Robin Roberts was way easier to say than George Stephanopoulos (co-anchor on Good Morning America) but most importantly because she was my definition of a true fighter.

In 2008 Robin Roberts battled breast cancer, then in 2012 was diagnosed with myelodysplastic syndrome (MDS). Throughout her various battles of diseases, she never lost hope and remained positive for her viewers. Roberts inspired me because my grandmother was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2016. Roberts’s positive attitude helped me keep a bright outlook on my grandmother’s diagnosis and treatment.

Robin Roberts interview Barack Obama in the Cabinet Room of The White House in 2012

My childhood TV show recreations soon became all news broadcasting related. I was Brianna Brown and you were watching “The Daily Bri” with… Brianna Brown. I would write out scripts and take over the dining room table aka my studio space. I would pretend to report on actual events such as the “Gossip on the Playground this week”, or give the daily reports on “what my little sister did this time…”.

Roberts has interviewed various celebrities ranging from singer Chris Brown to former President Barack Obama. (As pictured to the left; Source: Wikimedia Commons)

The idea of being broadcasted on TV period fascinated young me. The idea of interviewing the President of the United States or possibly my favorite singer fascinated even more.

Robin Roberts at the 72nd Annual Peabody Awards Luncheon Waldorf-Astoria Hotel May 20, 2013
(Source: Wikimedia Commons; ANDERS KRUSBERG / PEABODY AWARDS)

As a result of watching a broadcaster like Robin Roberts, I found my passion for reporting. Today, When I grow up… I hope to one day be as successful as Roberts and spread a positive message throughout media today as Robin Roberts has. In the words of younger me “That is all for today’s show, thanks for watching “The Daily Bri”, stay tuned for next week’s broadcasting!”