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Spooky Scary Skeletons!”. Yes indeed, it is that time of the year once again. Season of orange, pumpkin-spice lattes, sweaters (or raincoats if you live in Oklahoma), and of course Halloween. Fall time and Halloween is also the best time to find your “boo”. October “screams” couple season and spooky fun dates. Here are the Top 10 date ideas for couples during this spooky season.

Number 10 – Netflix and Thrill(ers)

What better way to get to know your significant other than with watching a great horror film? This gives you the perfect opportunity to discuss fears, and is the perfect excuse to cuddle up with your boo!

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Number 9 – Go to a Pumpkin Patch

Pumpkin patches make for the best photoshoots! Plus you can find and pick out your favorite pumpkins together!

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Number 8 – Carving/Painting Pumpkins

Nothing is better than the traditional Jack-o-lantern making! This is a great way to show off your carving skills or your Picasso skills! This is great double date idea as well! You can have a “best pumpkin” competition with another couple.

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Number 7 – Going Costume Shopping

Going shopping at a Halloween Costume store has become one of the best date ideas. What better way to be “couple ghouls” than having matching/corresponding costumes!

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Number 6 – Going to a Halloween Party

Now that you have your matching outfit, it’s time to show them off in public. Give all your friends “pumpkin to talk about” when you and your boo walk in. Also, just enjoy free snacks and drinks!

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Number 5 – Make Halloween Sweets

Nothing is better than cookies that are in the shape of bats, pumpkins, skulls, and ghosts. “Bone-Appetit!!”

Try this website for some great recipe ideas!

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Number 4 – Going to a Haunted House

You can go to a haunted house, corn maze, ghost tours or even hayrides. A great way to embrace the spooky season with your boo. Make sure you have your running shoes!

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Number 3 – Share Scary Stories

Get in your comfiest clothes and head outside or just dim all the lights, prepared with your best spooky stories. A bonus if you have a flashlight to add to the mood!

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Number 2 – Decorate Your House/Room

Mini skulls everywhere, purple Christmas lights, and you can not forget about the witch hats. This is a fun creative way to get into the mood for the season. Make sure to make things “fab-boo-lous”

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Number 1 – Watch Trick-or-Treaters!

Go out and buy some candy together, then enjoy the tradition by handing out candy to the children in your neighborhood. The best part is that all the leftover candy is up for grabs!

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