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My whole family has always been colossal football enthusiasts, and to no surprise, I have followed in with the tradition of loving American football. When Super Bowl season starts to roll around each year, the same family traditions go as follows: making a lot of Rotel dip and getting super excited for Super Bowl commercials. I have decided to comprise a top 3 list below of the most memorable Super Bowl commercials for me. Grab some Rotel and Enjoy!

“You’re Playing like Betty White Out There– Snickers Commercial

Source: Snickerseweh via YouTube

Snickers came out with a lot of great “you’re not you when you’re hungry” commercials, this one being one I remember very well. The commercial aired during the 2010 Super Bowl, starring comedian and Golden Girls icon Betty White playing football with a bunch of guys. The main idea is that “Mike” (portrayed by Betty White) is not on his A-game and “playing like he is Betty White” because he is hungry. This ad stood out to me because of its humor and silliness.

“Gum Wrapper Origami to Warm Your Heart”Extra Gum Commercial

Source: Brand Buffet via Youtube

Who would have ever thought that a gum commercial would pull on your heartstrings as this one did? This Extra Gum commercial aired during the 2013 Super Bowl, starring a father and his daughter through her childhood growing up. The commercial highlights the main events that happen throughout this time period. At each event, the father turns his gum wrappers into small little origami swans for his daughter. The last clip shows the daughter packing for college and her father comes across a box filled with all of the origami swans he had made her. This ad stood out to me because of the relatable and heartfelt connection shown throughout it.

“Dumb Ways to Die” – Metro Trains Commercial

Source:DumbWays2Die via YouTube

As an eleven-year-old, the Dumb Ways to Die mobile game was a big hit for me. This commercial aired during the 2012 Super Bowl by Metro Trains as a unique way to promote an impactful message of train safety. The commercial is animated and shows several, you guessed it, “Dumb Ways to Die”. The catchy theme song and colorful mobile game are things that will forever be sacred in my memory.

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